December 4, 2020
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Its advent or a new beginning for the nation


In the span of over sixty years, ever since “Merdeka” or Independence from the British colonialists in 1957, the nation has undergone sweeping changes and transformation that it is no longer recognized as an agrarian commune but a highly developed and industrialized country today.

This is the reason for bringing to you THE NATION MALAYSIA HUB TODAY. It has never been more timely than now to bring to you this biography of the nation that will not only highlight its past, but its present and future as well, the direction and shape the nation is moving towards.

It gives us great pleasure to unveil this non-stop, pulsating exchange of information and knowledge on the nation, putting readers right into the very heartbeat and pulse of the nation, that with each turn of the page of this portal there is a rewarding and guaranteed satisfaction of reading this digest.

Not only will we portray the movers and the shakers but we will also go off-the-beaten track to explore in an intrepid way every nook and cranny of the nation to bring to you readers news and views and a plethora of exciting, bold, vibrant and dynamic happenings from around the country.

This is why we ask of you and request that you stay tuned with us and not miss out and regret that you have not been able to savor and appreciate the full spectrum Web Presence that is to be revealed and disclosed to you readers by us.

Last but not least, you will definitely not be disappointed with our Web Presence as there is something for everyone as we will leave no stone unturned in our bid to bring you the brightest and best with our digital edition.

Thank You.